Success Factors

Geltech Labs is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

Our products are superior to our competitors because formulas are carefully designed to include natural ingredients and only the safest additives.

We concentrate on gel products, which offer a high yield with low personnel requirements and have gradually increased market share in a wide range of applications. Gels offer several advantages in health and cosmetic applications.

All products are manufactured in the United States.

We have developed processes that enable us to provide high quality products at a lower cost.

We have Intellectual Property that gives us an advantage over our competitors.

We are developing a multi-faceted marketing approach which includes traditional sales channels (distributors, direct sales to retailers); and digital marketing and sales through Amazon.


• Are absorbed faster than other solutions
• Do not leave oily residues
• Are soluble in water
• Facilitate dosification

Why Gels?

These versatile compounds offer several benefits over other forms of solutions.

Gels facilitate the delivery of solutions when ingested or applied to the skin or hair.

From a business perspective, all gels follow a similar manufacturing process (varying ingredients, temperature and mixing speed). Where strict quality processes are applied, and with the correct set up, gels can be produced efficiently and with a high daily output.