Who we are

Geltech Labs is the result of 60 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and oil sectors; joined to develop, manufacture and market cosmetic, personal care, OTC, dental, medical devices, and related products of excellent quality, aimed at satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers. We use innovative and certified raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, qualified personnel, and strict quality control, combined with our knowledge and a strong vocation towards customer service and attention to details.

We work with Passion, in Harmony and with Joy, to develop products of which we are proud, helping people to improve something in their lives!

We pay attention to what people need and the complaints people have about other products in the market and we act accordingly to make things better!

We enjoy seeing how creativity and ideas evolve and materialize!

We love when our products are appreciated by consumers, We like to improve every day and be at the forefront to offer the best to consumers!

Our Mission

Geltech Labs formulates, manufactures and markets top quality gels for sanitary, cosmetic, intimate, and therapeutic use. The company follows manufacturing methods that match or exceed regulatory standards and is focused on the utilization of the best ingredients and the latest advancements in gel formulation.

Our Values

Our core values are always present in everything we do to achieve our purpose: passion, teamwork, transparency, excellence, loyalty and honesty to customers, collaborators and employees

Our Brands

Clean and elegant inspiring confidence and quality. Our monogram is the union of two letters: G for Geltech and its mirror, which when join form a flower that represents delicacy, fragility, love, care, health, softness, that reflect the characteristics of our products